Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Story Behind My Logo.....

A deeper understanding…

Three elements fill the above picture I created for my logo:  the Alaskan white birch trees, fireweed, and Mount Susitna.

The Alaska white birch trees cover 55 million acres in the state of Alaska. They grow to approximately 65 feet tall and are about 12 inches in diameter.  Cottage industry entrepreneurs tap into these trees selling the tree's birch syrup to both local and tourist customers.

The beautiful pink flowers I fell in love with when I moved to Alaska in August 2002 are known as fireweed.  Once this flower appears in Alaska it is a sign that the beautiful days of summer are almost coming to an end and the long days of winter are soon upon us.

In the background is Mount Susitna, Alaska.  This was one of the most breathtaking views I fell in love with.  Mount Susitna is also called The Sleeping Lady.  The outline of the mountain looks like a lady lying on her back, covered by a blanket.

Folk lore goes to say this lady is a village woman waiting for her boyfriend to return to the village after all the men in the village went off to try and stop enemies from attacking their village.  None of the local village men returned; however, the lady still lies peacefully "dreaming" and waiting for her loved warrior.  In the winter, she is covered by a lovely blanket of white snow and in the summer, her blanket is soft grass and wildflowers. 

I have always believe growing up to follow your dreams. I have strived to do this my whole life. The beauty of this story still inspires me every day to live my dreams.

So believe in yourself and reach for the stars, follow those rainbows and all your dreams will come true! What dreams do you have and how are you making them come true?


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